M I S S I O N   S T A T E M E N T






  • To educate the history, theology and technique of the Ancient Liturgical Art known as Byzantine Iconography in the Greek Tradition.   


  • To train Liturgical Artists of all ages from elementary to masterful levels in Iconography and Iconology, utilizing only traditional and canonical techniques, formulas and materials of the Eastern Catholic Church.


  •  To create a source for the acquisition of canonical, high quality hand-painted Icons, produced without profit by the School for Church and home.


  • To instill confidence and inclusion of all students and volunteers. Participants will have an active hand in a collective/collaborative production of each icon. The completed icons will be exhibited and sold to fund the School and other Church Missions.  


  • To create an interest in (and viability of) the vocation of Master Byzantine Icon Writing in the Northwest region.  


  • To emulate the countenance, piety, diplomacy and leadership (as demonstrated by the life example) of Saint Theodora the Empress and Iconodule.