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Hagia Theodora School of Byzantine Iconography

offers commissioned Canonical and Sentimental

Christian Iconography

for Church and Home utilizing:  


 A choice of Contemporary-style level panels (7/8" to 1" deep) consisting of cradled (non-warping) Birch wood OR Monastery-made Traditional braced boards with raised borders (Kivοtos) that are1" deep consisting of Blessed Linden wood  

  • Linen draping with Rabbit Hide Glue prior to substrate

  • Hand-applied and finished Gesso substrate made with the natural and traditional ingredients of Marble, Chalk and Rabbit Skin Glue

  • Finest quality hand-milled Natural Pigments in traditional Egg Tempera base

  • Holy Water formulated into paint emulsions

  • 21 - 24K Gold Leaf, paints, powders and inks

  • Museum/Archival quality varnish and sealers (formulated for safe removal in future cleaning and conservation) consisting of

    traditional ingredients such as plant resins from Greece and Blessed Beeswax.  

Please call the School to commission your icon.

Any icon of any subject can be produced and is made by a collective effort of the students and their instructor.

Sizes, prices and delivery times vary according to composition, style and level of virtue (master, apprentice or a combination).


Icons are priced to support the school and its operation using authentic (increasingly precious and costly) supplies. Please allow several months for the total production: from sketching to board preparation to varnish curing. The Hagia Theodora School of Byzantine Iconography aims to produce icons in the nearly 2,000 year-old tradition to insure that they will not only endure from "ages unto ages" but that they will retain their value and luminosity as treasured heirlooms to be passed-down from generation to generation.


In a hurry or have a short deadline?  Please ask about the Icon Hermeneia Commemorative. This is a service where your icon is designed and sketched within a short period of time. The Hermeneia (or sketched pattern) is then mounted on a hand-made paper commemorative card. This commemorative can be officially presented at any event (baptism, wedding, priest ordination, to name a few). The gift includes a note from the iconographer that an icon is in production and ever-lovingly and slowly being written especially for them.  Arrangements will be made for the completed icon to be delivered at a later date. Clients love this service as it offers two gifts in one: a presentable, exquisite icon on paper (suitable for framing) and an actual written icon on wooden panel!


Icon Hermeneia Commemorative of St. Nicholas





An Icon written for and presented to His Eminence, Metropolitan Gerasimos,

Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco.



About Canonical and Sentimental Icon Styles:


Canonical Iconography is Iconography that is written in the traditional Byzantine style (e.g. Greek, Russian, etc.) adhering to strict Christian Liturgical Canons in execution and composition/pattern.


Sentimental Iconography is Iconography that depicts a fusion of traditional Byzantine compositions with elements of indigenous Folk Art or Humanist techniques/themes of western painting. Though still considered Iconographic, one will see more naturalistic features in the figures, more variety in use of color or media and more embellishment in the compositions. The genre of Sentimental Iconography emerged in the 15th century and is widely seen to present date.